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The Crane…

Flash fiction, it turns out, is really rather fun.

Who knew?

Well, I suppose the person who came up with the concept probably had an inkling.
And I imagine all the people who spend time writing these interesting little tidbits are in on the fun.
And those people who host such things, for the enjoyment of all the rest of us… they probably know…

I’ve just recently become a fan of these short writing exercises.
A blog I mostly lurk at has a little contest about every two weeks or so, and I entered one – just about two weeks ago.

The premise is this:
The entry can be no longer than 100 words.
You must use the five prompt words the host assigns within your story.
You can have a title, but those words count against your total.
The prompt words must be used in total; not broken up. For example, if a prompt word is, say, ‘word’, then ‘wordiness’ is acceptable, while ‘wolkyrd’ is not.
(Wolkyrd is too a word – it’s where the Valkyries take their little schnauzers for walksies…)
One entry per person, prizes may be different for international entrants, your mileage may vary, blah, blah, blah…

The prompt words given for this particular contest were:


Below is my entry:

Long ago, a bird working in maternity got fundamentally fed-up with all the crying and screaming. What she really wanted was to be an actor – but thanks to a bratty little homonym, the stage she auditioned for was headed for the coast.

Shanghaied aboard a tramp steamer, she wound up in Andalusia. Desperate for work, she again began delivering babies. But the weight of an extra-large Basquette snapped her neck, and she plummeted to her death.

The headlines read:
The Crane In Spain Was Felled Mainly By The Pain.

A chorus of boos ghosted down upon her from on high.


Of course I didn’t win.
On the very first try?

I did, however, win The Oh My Godiva I can’t believe he would PUNish us like this Award.
Not bad for my very first try.


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