… but not really feeling it.
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According to reliable sources, today is a Monday.
All day long.
I’ve checked that fact out, as well as I’m able, by going to the book of the face, the tube of the you, and all other manner of highly-regarded and intellectually rigorous sources for breaking news and statistical anomalies, regarding the state of the union in its current condition of disarray and scattered whatchamacallits and whatchamadoodles, and other hoohahs and doodads and… you know… stuff!

Still Monday.
On the longest day of the year.

Technically, they’re all the same length.
You know?
Today’s no longer than any other.
But we get more sunshine on this calendar day than any other.
Unless you’re talking about the southern hemisphere.
Then it’s the shortest day of the year, which is just as long, or as short, as every other day of the year.
Then you’re getting more dark time on this calendar day.

It’s all gone horribly wrong.
And confusing and wacky and… oh, I don’t know…
Just meh…?!?

Is it just me, or does it not seem exactly fair that the longest day of the year is on a Monday?

I’ve just come back from three weeks away from home, and I’m rather listless and unfocused and vegetative, and all manner of things along those lines.
The day after, for me, is always a bit of a lost day; as I try to rebuild the energy to tackle things that need to be tackled… like tackles tackling other tackles trying to tackle you so you won’t tackle them, during football season.
But then, I’m way too old, and tired, to be playing football any more.

On some days, even computer solitaire requires more mental energy than I can muster.
These are not particularly good days, for me.
Nor are they the most productive days in the ol’ resumé.

Perhaps I should just stop… while you’re only bored…


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