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At long last…

So this is what it feels like…
This what it feels like to be conscious and alive, during the time of a momentous historical events.

True, I was alive during the fall of Communism.
But compared with today, I was hardly conscious.
By conscious, I mean (among other things) having fully formed ideas and opinions, about issues that you never really thought you’d live to see the resolution of.

And it’s not like this is the end of the struggle for the LGBT community.
It’s not even the end of anyone’s struggle… about any issue.

Two days ago, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Affordable Care Act, which President Obama rightly hailed as a win for the poor and indigent.
But as with everything these days, the GOP has vowed to continue to try and gut the act; if not repeal it outright.
If the Democrats can’t retake one of the houses, and loose the presidency, all bets are off.

It beggars description that 21 states would prefer to see some of their own citizens die in anguish and penury, rather than give this President any kind of legacy with which to go down in history.

Back to the Supreme Court.
After the various ‘corporations are people, too’ decisions of the past few years, it seemed as if we were entering a new dark ages in the judicial process.
But after Friday’s decision…


Heck, forget about living on Friday.
What about the whole frickin’ week?

The ACA.
Gay Marriage.
Equal opportunity for housing.
A massive movement to remove the confederate flag from government buildings (if not from everywhere); a movement being led by one South Carolina state senator Paul Thurmond.

Of that Thurmond family.

Who thought we’d live to see a week like this one?
Much less from that family.
Much less out of this court.

I almost feel…
Wait, what is that…?
What is that rumbling around inside my psyche?
Why, that almost feels like a ray of optimism…

Let’s not get carried away.
Probably just a bit of gastric distress.


About the top picture… I’ve used it before, it’s true.
But it’s of a gay couple, enjoying their life in the same way that we all do.
It seemed appropriate to run it once more.

You might say that it’s the sun setting on discrimination, or that it’s the dawning of a new day.
All other interpretations of this picture are now prohibited by law.


The header above all the WordPress pages I visited on Friday had a rainbow spanning the page.

Good one, WordPress!

White House image found here.


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