… but not really feeling it.
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A whole lotta waitin’ around…

Yeah, you know those signs you see ever so often?
Like the one above?
Yeah, those signs crack me up.

Especially when you see them around NYC.
Going all of two miles an hour, in traffic that might move ten miles an hour at the best of times, can hardly be considered speeding.

But that’s exactly the type of sign I saw, on Tuesday, as I was leaving JFK airport.
Oh, so very slowly…

And all those “See America first” ads we used to have…
Do you think they were referring to rental vehicles that broke down into that state known as:
‘Don’t even think about going faster than two miles an hour, until you get me fixed’?
Cause that’s the kind of whiz-bang transportational conveyance I found myself in, on Wednesday.

That whole two-miles-an-hour thing’s beginning to look like a bit of a theme.

That’s how my week’s been going…

And yours…?


Image found here.



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