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Who is Larry Hardiman…?

“The word “politics” is derived from the word “poly”, meaning ‘many’, and the word ‘ticks’, meaning ‘blood sucking parasites’.”

Attributed to Larry Hardiman… 

For those of you who follow this blog with any regularity, and who actually read the posts, you might recognize the above quote as something of a natural fit; a somewhat random gathering of words, into an order that would seem to agree with my own proclivities… politically speaking…

Yes, well…
But who is this Larry Hardiman, anyway?
I can’t seem to find anything on the man.

Several places on the web quote this, um… quote; and they all say good ol’ Lair is the author.
But Amazon doesn’t know who he is. They keep on directing me to the guy who wrote the music for Lord of the Dance. Or something. Once I saw Larry wasn’t involved, I lost interest.

Oh, I see it now.
A guy with the last name ‘Hardiman’ wrote the music, and a guy with the first name ‘Larry’ orchestrated it.
And that’s supposed to satisfy my search parameters for one, single person named ‘Larry Hardiman’?

Stupid Amazon…

Wikipedia doesn’t have an entry for him.
Facebook lists a Larry Hardiman with 604 friends, but I don’t think it’s the right guy.
Youtube has a memorial video to a Larry Lee Hardiman, but no further information that can nail down the author of the quote. And then a whole bunch of stuff about the same two guys Amazon tried to convince me I was really looking for.

Stupid me, for not knowing what (or for whom) I was looking…

Litera.co.uk lists 178 responses to the query “Who is Larry Hardiman?”
And spreads them over some nine plus pages.
On page six, after quotes by such luminaries of political thought as Isiah Thomas and Joan Collins (who only happened to have mentioned someone named ‘Larry’ in their quotes – and who still out-polled an alleged author actually named Larry Hardiman), we find the above, actual quote.
Clicking on the author link so helpfully provided only opens another window with the same quote.
Click on that author link, and you get the same result; an ad naseum loop, infinitely extended to the end of the universe – or the web, whichever comes first.

thinkexist.com is no help.
izquotes.com is equally useless.
searchquotes.com presents four different versions of the one quote; delineated by variations in punctuation…
Apparently, good ol’ Lair found his one good bit, and pounded that sucker for all it was worth…

Stupid search quotes.com…

quotes.net actually has a picture of the alleged author.
But one of the pictures appears to be of Larry Lee, of youtube fame.
Clicking through we get another, completely different picture, which looks more like Leslie Nielsen, than Larry Lee…

barrypopik.com lists a number of various stories about the quote; tracing the authorship to some guy who heard it from another guy, a mayor in Phoenix, a once-hopeful Presidential candidate, and several printed books.

It begins to dawn upon this travel-addled brain, that the quote has materialized out of thin air.
A pithy saying of dubious origin, which no one will own up to creating, because of the seemingly unnecessary level of cynicism it engenders.
A funny bit of grammarly prestidigitation; a cringe-worthy example of paradoxical sentence misdirection, because of the resignation it produces, that the alleged author might actually be right about this particular idea of his.

I’m beginning to think Larry Hardiman doesn’t exist.
At least, not in the form of a great American humorist the above quote might lead you to think.
It sounds more like something Mark Twain would say, to my ear…

Okay, yeah…
Let’s go with that.
I say Mark Twain is the real author.

Who could possibly prove me wrong?


Image found here.


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  2. Sri Sathya Sai Baba said this while speaking to school students in 1958. The exact statement made was – “Politics is a variety of ‘ticks’, which infest some individuals and worry their lives out.” Reference to the speech is below:

    Click to access sss01-06.pdf

    I don’t know if this is the earliest recorded instance of this quote or idea at least.


  3. Larry Charles Hardiman was an old friend of mine in toronto. You can find alot about him using google. He planned to write a book called Unlimited Credit, but I am not sure if he even wrote it or if he kept that title.

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