An Appreciation
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The day it got real…

Forty-six years ago, a lot of us who were around at the time probably witnessed the first tentative baby steps of that creature known as man.
On this day, all those years ago, science fiction became science fact, as Apollo 11 landed on the moon; marking the first time we stepped upon a celestial body other than our own.

It was watched by an estimated 500-600 million people world wide – and held the record for most viewers, until the wedding of Charles and Diane.

I wish the provincialism of that fact didn’t depress me as much as it does…

“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”
Niel Armstrong


Image found here.



  1. smackedpentax says

    I remember it well, I stayed up all night to watch it on TV (it happened early morning in the UK)… it was an amazing achievement and reading about it later it is astonishing how so much could have gone wrong and how brave those 3 were. Just a shame they left it there and didn’t go on to ‘bigger and better worlds’ – as was was promised…


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