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The birth of a celestial event…

It’s been a bit of a week… or two!

Work has been sporadic and unpredictable, and rears its head at the most inopportune of times.
I shot a friends EP launch, which resulted in 2500 (but who’s counting?) shots.
All of which have to be evaluated, sorted, developed and fretted over.

Terribly exciting for my friend, but probably meaningless for you.

I did manage to get a little bit of personal shooting in.
The immature red tail hawk, above, is one such shot.
Another such shot is below:


Talk about being in the right place at the right time…
I didn’t plan any of this.
Just lucky, I guess.

We already have Stonehenge, and Manhattanhenge.
I’ve decided that I shall call my discovery of this solar event…

Brooklynhenge – those days of the year when the sun appears to set in either of the arches of the Brooklyn Bridge.

And that’s just the western… um… abutment?
Sticky-up thingy?
If you include the eastern… um, big tall whatchamadoodle… the options are probably even more excitingly breathtaking…

I’m assuming that this celestial event isn’t merely limited to those few days a year, like the above aforesaid before-mentioned pretenders to the solar throne, but can in fact be viewed on many days of the year.
Just get up off your duff, people, and move around a bit.
You’ll find a good spot eventually.

Why be a stickler for the details?
Why limit yourself to just the ‘establishment’ dates of the solstices?
This is by-God Amuricah!
We’ll have as many celestial events as we bloody-well want, don’t you know…

Coming your way, in the very near future:
Walla Walla-Henge.
Goose Pimple Junction-Henge.
And the ever popular…


You have been warned!


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