An Appreciation
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One year later…

It’s been a year since I wrote the first post on this ‘Blog ME…’

In the modern era.

There were posts written before then, harkening all the way back to December of ’06.
And of various (and stretched) connotations of the word “Quality”.

But life intruded, and things got in the way.
A two+ year sojourn in China, and another year wandering around North America occurred.
A couple of book attempts followed, led and intertwined.

The writing came more or less spontaneously – usually less – and it never much felt like something I could sustain.

All of which is to say, I allowed myself to be distracted.
Something which I’m still allowing, dad burn it, dad gum it, dad nab it, dad blast it.

Stuff gets in the way.
And I’ve yet to figure out how to prevent that from happening.

For instance…
The above photo is an example of one of the things that gets in the way.
A lot!
As those of you who’ve been around for this last year can attest.

Photography is a passion of mine.
I don’t claim any expertise, nor would I want to necessarily write a blog on the ins and outs of photographic technique. But every once in a while I’ll shoot something that turns out okay.

The first three weeks of August were taken up with a trip to Wyoming – my first – for work and photography. And then coming home sick from something I caught while I was there.
It doesn’t seem quite fair.
I’d been SO looking forward toward the photographic side of it… and then to ‘pull up spending the better part of three days in bed’ sick…

But that was better than not getting to go at all.
As the pictures to come over the next weeks and months may attest.

All of which is to say a very large, and sincere, “Thank You!!!”, to those who have stuck with all of the ranting and the raving, and the attempts at humor, and the (really!) rather outrageous examples at what we’ll continue to call ‘writing’…

Until a more accurate, and less inflammatory, word comes along.



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