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The Sound of Silence…

Just as there are wavelengths of light we cannot perceive unaided, so, too, are there tastes and smells beyond our capacity to comprehend.
But what else is there, out there, that’s outside our poor limited senses?

Most certainly – but then, we generally only rely upon touch for close encounters.
Heat, or immediate pain are conveyed by touch, but it holds little utility for us over distance.
And taste and smell are equally impractical, for anything other than the immediate vicinity.

Those manifestations beyond our normal ability to quantify, because we’ve only been given the five senses with which to make our way, are not something I will conjecture on right now.
I will limit myself to those ‘scientific’ methods we can all agree on, for the moment.

For my money, I think sound may be the most limited, or under-used of the two remaining ‘long-distance’ senses.
We can see many things in heaven and on earth, and it’s with good reason that we rely upon sight so strongly.
But we can’t hear nearly as far as we can see.
And that’s a matter for much discussion.

We live in a universe that allows light to travel unfathomable distances.
But sound is not nearly so free to roam.
Why is that, do you suppose?

Do you ever wonder what the cosmos sound like?
Do you ever lose yourself in the contemplation of what a creation so glorious to our sight would present to our aural facilities?
Would it be equally beautiful to our way of thought, or merely strange beyond comprehension?

Perhaps we were never meant to hear the universe.
Perhaps there’s a perfectly good reason for that.

Perhaps that’s why we were given music – to console us in our silence… 

EJ Liederstein


Image found here.



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