An Appreciation
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An homage…

In one respect, it’s just about the absolutely perfectly wrong time of the year to celebrate Ansel Adams. We’re about as equally removed from the anniversary of his birth, as from his death.

In all other respects, it’s never the wrong time to celebrate such a pivotal visual artist and conservationist in the history of our nation.

It’s no secret around this blog that I venerate Adams, and his work.
There are many places across this country that I’ve been to, and will return to every chance I get, that I simply wouldn’t be aware of, if it weren’t for Adams’ photographs.

I have tried my hand at shooting Yosemite, on several occasions, and will probably visit those photos in a future post.
Here I wish to present my homage to another famous work of Adams, from the Grand Tetons – the Snake River Overlook.

Homage #1

There seem to be various versions of Adams’ photo, seen at the top of this post, on the net.
As if Ansel, just like every other photographer I know, took multiple exposures of the same view.
I do it myself, and am frequently at a loss to explain the lack of control I have over this curious phenomenon. I know I have the shot, but I go ahead and shoot it again.
Variations of light aside, it’s not very conducive to furthering my photographic growth.

Thus I feel justified in presenting two differently processed versions of the one vista.
I’m not so well-versed in the software that I can exactly repeat what I did even on a photo I processed yesterday, much less a month ago. Differences in the printing process Adams used, which were probably subjected to all kinds of vagaries I have no need to worry about, would lead to differences in the prints. So I ‘get’ that there might be several versions of Adams’ photograph out there. If you compare them closely, you’ll notice differences in the clouds, which would lead one to believe that he shot many exposures.

Homage #2

I’m not the photographer that Adams was.
Nor am I the innovator of new systems of shooting.
Nor do I have the technological handicaps/opportunities (depending upon how you look at it) that Adams had to deal with on a moment by moment basis.
When I take an image, I have immediate feedback as to my success, or the lack thereof.

I merely wish to present my humble homage, to a visual artist who’s affected me deeply, and continues to do so every day that I breath.

On those days when I’m not breathing…
Well, then, all bets are off.



Top image found here.


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