An Appreciation
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The Raven…

Back in August (my goodness, but where has the time gone?!?), I went out to Wyoming for what I was sure would be the photographic adventure of a lifetime.
It seems like so long ago, and yet like it happened just the other day, all at once…

Which can really do a number on your memories of the places you saw and want to treasure forever.


I was pulling into a parking space, in one of the many little pull-offs that Yellowstone National Park has provided.
Mainly, I suspect, to keep us ignomainiuses from simply pulling off by the side of the road.

Not that we don’t go right ahead and do that very thing, if we see something we want to photograph…
Like that huge elk, with what appeared to be something on the order of a million and six point rack on his head.
Which caused a ridiculously ginormus number of ginormidiots, like myself, to pull over where no pull-over existed. Alas and alack, I was too late; for by the time I schlepped back to the scene o’ wonderment, the brazilian-pointed buck had moved on…

It was a tough trip for me, from an animalistically photogenic standpoint.
No pictures of a male elk.
No pictures of a Grizzly bear.
No moose…

I’ve spent no small amount of time, now, in Maine and Wyoming; where, I’m told, moose habitually habitate.
Something on the order of two complete months, when you add it all up.
I’ve yet to see one.
A moose, that is… not a month…
With all apologies to Bullwinkle, I don’t think they exist.
Moose, I mean…

But I digress…

The Raven 02Much like all the models that I shoot – whether they know they’re being shot, or not – I managed to catch this one with her ding-dang eyes closed. It’s like I have this frickin’ super-power, or something… 

I was pulling into said parking space, and happened to notice the above pictured beauty loitering around on the ground, just on the other side of the sidewalk in front of all the cars already parked.
So I lowered the front passenger window…

(Did the person who invented power windows know what a boon he/she/it was creating for solo photographers everywhere?
I kinda doubt it – I wouldn’t think that photography had any bearing on the matter at all.
But that doesn’t stop me from being thankful for the invention, none the less.
Especially as it was a rainy and overcast kind of day…)

Or whatever brand of refreshing chocolatey goodness you prefer…

Once I was parked that midday dreary, while I photog’ed, weak and weary…

‘Cause we’re talking some serious altitude, at this point…
At least 8000 feet, and the breath was coming harder than the American Retail Association’s annual Christmas Extravaganza and Lobster Licking Festival… in MAY!!!

But I digress…
I started shooting this lovely little lady, from the car.
I didn’t want to scare her away.

Now, I’m about as conversant on the differences between Mister’s and Misses’ ravens, as I am on the subject of the common core curriculum amongst Pre-K school children on Venus.
Which is to say…
Yeah, not so much…
But I’ll refer to the bird here as a Mrs., for reasons that I’ll explain shortly.

Anyway, the initial photos were less than pleasing, so I resigned myself to leaving the vehicle and probably scaring my model away.
I have that effect on models… and on the general population as a whole, it would seem…

But like the spectacular, world-class model that she is, Mrs. Raven also sensed that the session wasn’t going very well, and flew up onto a post, to present a better angle for all concerned.
And not even people walking between us could distract her from her sworn duty as a model representative of the National Park Service.

She posed.
She preened.
She gazed into the distance meaningfully…

The Raven 01I’m sorry, but I have to say it… a pedicure might be in order… Yikes!!!

She was working it, she was owning it, she was making that post-top hers!!!

And it wasn’t until we both were happy with the end product that she took her leave of me.
Without so much as a “kronk”, she was gone…

I refer to her as a “Mrs.” Raven for the following reasons.

I’ve been working on a book for a few years now.
Who hasn’t?
From what I can gather, writing a book is the third most popular pastime on the planet; right behind politician bashing and navel gazing.
All 7 billion-plus people on this planet have got at least one novel in the bank, and probably more like three or four.
I’m rather late to the game.
I’ve only got two.

So I’m not exactly alone in this endeavor.
But in my book, there’s a rather prominent, which is to say a pivotal part, that’s played by a Raven.
A “Mrs.” Raven.
Which I assume should knock my competition down by at least a dozen, or so…

So that’s why I refer to this beauty as a Mrs. Raven.
I’m thinking she was probably wondering what I was doing out taking pictures, instead of finishing the book.

That’s just a theory, though…
I could be wrong about that.

… and for the record, the book is finished…
Several times, now…
Some hobbies just scream self-abuse, don’t they?

The Raven 03




  1. Well, I can understand the scarcity of meese in Searsport and Orono, but not Moosehead Lake…..I’ve seen a moose at Mooselookmeguntic, to the north of Greenville but that was a long time ago. Those areas have become pretty touristy—especially with the new fashion of “doing” the Appalachian Trail. The moose hates tourists…..but mostly you’d better hope you never encounter one of them meese driving a country road at night….you won’t care anything about getting a photo!


  2. Dang! she’s purty! Is she as blue in hue as the photo has it here? If so, she justifies some of the “creative” dye jobs of the once lovely, raven-haired students at the art college where I used to teach. Wonderful photos! (and yes, there are meese here in Maiine, but ya gotta know where to go.)


    • Well, I’ve been to Searsport, and Orono, and I spent three weeks one lifetime ago in Greenville, right on the lake, so I’m living proof that, if I, in fact, do not drive the models away, the meesses are certainly taking exception to something on/or about my person.
      And yes, she was indeed as blue as she is depicted, with only a little help to overcome the ‘dark and dreary day, and the silken, sad, uncertain rustling of each purple(ish) feather thrilled me — filled me with fantastic visions never seen before…’
      But if you’ll look closely upon the ‘dramatic pose’ shot, it seems she’s been into vats of another color as well…
      Apparently, two-toned is currently “in”, amongst all raven beauties plying the fence posts these days…

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