An Appreciation
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The FFF of F…*

Fall can be such a tease, at times…
Right now, we’re experiencing 70 degree days around here.

That’s 21.111 degrees, to those of you in other parts of the world.
Give or take a one, or two…

Around here, it should be crisp and clear.

Not so crispy lately, though we had some crispiness a week or so ago.
Now we’re back to warmer weather…

Mother Nature can’t seem to make up her mind, it seems…
Neither can the trees.


That’s one seriously wishy-washy color scheme, going on there.

As for the clear part… well, you tell me…


So much for trying new techniques of photographing stars in light-polluted areas…
And the weather forecast swore it would be crystal clear, too…

Speaking of confused, WordPress seems unable, or unwilling, to render the colors of my photos in its usual fashion.
Normally, I’ll re-scale them from within the media folder, in order to get them down in size.
Makes the pages load faster.

Tonight, WordPress seems to be in a bit of a funk, because every attempt to scale causes the colors to wash out.
If I’d wanted B&W, I’d have processed them that way…

Like this one…


Alas and alack.
It seems even WordPress has caught the end of the warm weather funk bug.
Even though that weather seems inclined to hang around for a while.


*  The Flying Fickle Finger of Fall


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