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Maybe not even then…

Sometimes a cartoon says exactly what needs to be said…

Like how the state government of Georgia a while back made carrying concealed weapons legal everywhere in the state.

Except in the State House…
Where the government works…

Why, what could they possibly be afraid of?



On a different topic, yet somehow distressingly related – Douglas Adams used to repeatedly state that all things are ‘fundamentally interconnected’ – Paul Krugman’s editorial today in the NY Times is a bit of a sober pill, for those of you feeling all irrationally exuberant…

Remember that one?
Anyhoo, head on over to this address:


… and give it a once over.
Hopefully they’ll let you view it without signing up, or some such silliness.
If not, try a google search for Paul Krugman.
You might get lucky, and find a copy someone has posted, somewhere.

… a must read…
– A guy.

… brilliant…”
– Some other guy.

– That guy over there.

What was the question?
– A completely different guy… honest!


Image found here.


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