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It’s World Series time…

It’s the greatest time of the year.

Not the most wonderful time of the year.
That’s a whole ‘nother can of worms.

I’m talking about the World Series.


Now, don’t all you poo-pooer’s and nay-sayers go and be getting your undies in a bunch.
I know there are people who think baseball’s days have come and gone.
Pshaw, I say…

Football (the American version) is staggering around like it just took a hit from Michael Strahan.
… without its own helmet properly situated… or even on, for that matter.
Implementation of the concussion protocol to the league itself can’t be far behind.

Football (the International version) is a great game, but it has some flaws.
One referee for the entire field is just ridiculous.
No mechanism available for reviewing and reversing bad calls.
Baseball has the four umpires, per game.
And when the games get more important, then they add more umps.
Sure, the eyesight of most baseball umps has always been called into question.
But it’s really quite amazing how the implementation of instant replay has put all the focus back on the game itself, where it belongs.

African man and son with baseball bat and glove in park

I wish I could say that the above sentiment was still true.
But it doesn’t feel like it is.

We no longer feel like the game is a metaphor for life.
Where anything can happen… and usually does.
We no longer feel like it ain’t over ’til it’s over…

Nowadays, we seem to expect success; to demand winning teams each and every season.
There’s no grace involved in that kind of attitude.
There’s no sense of fair play exhibited.
We don’t care so much how we play the game, as long as we win the damned thing.

You can bet Yankee fans aren’t rooting for the Mets, right now, even though we’re all New Yorkers.
And all the sniping by St. Louis fans towards the Cubs… and how happy they are the Cubs lost…
How is any of that a true profession of an undying love for the game?

Then again, maybe that last image is a good metaphor, after all…


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