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Cranky, cranky, cranky…

It’s that time of the year, when we, as a conservative Christian nation, throw religion and theology right out the window…
Along with an unfathomable number of long tons of candy…


Originally known as ‘All Hallows Eve’, when every type of evil in the world was free to roam the earth at their pleasure, only to be subsequently conquered by ‘All Saints Day’, our great nation has turned the occasion into an orgy of consumption, the likes of which have never been seen.

Except for every other holiday, of course.

Still, though, the comic artists have fun with it.
As can be seen in the following panels…



I, myself, do not participate in the madness.
I know…
Shocker, right?



I wonder what we as a nation could accomplish, if we took the time and energy we spent on decorating and parties and costumes and the such, and devoted those resources to helping those who haven’t even any clean water to drink… much less the resources to ingest massive amounts of some of the most harmful substances to humans on the planet.



I suppose the Halloween industry would be rather upset.
And we certainly can’t allow an industry to collapse, just because it’s callous and senseless and makes a mockery of our professed values

Can we…?


Forgive me, people.
Holidays always make me cranky.

I had been going to write ‘hypocrisy’, instead of ‘holidays’, but I don’t think we’ve even reached that low level yet.
I think we still have quite a ways to go, before we can even reach the lofty heights of such a base charge as ‘hypocrisy’…

Perhaps it’s the volatile mixture of all that sugar of the season, coupled with all the bile of the political season, that’s working its way into my system.

I know, I know…
“Let it go,” you’ll say.
“What are you, some kind of communist?” you’ll add.
“Why get so worked up over something you can’t change,” you’ll query.

Let’s see…
That’s an “I can’t”, a “No” and a “Because.”

Because people are starving.
And dying, and killing themselves.
And anyone else they can get their hands on.

We’ll never achieve the greatness we have within us, as long as we insist upon ignoring the rest of the planet.
We’ll continue to lose the luster of our self-professed ‘values’, as long as we insist on flinging our waste and consumption in the faces of those who can do neither.

Why not change the narrative?
Why not start with a completely useless holiday?
Why not take all those resources, and use them to clean up the environment?
Why not take the time and energy we spend on this ‘holiday’, and devote it with equal fervor to teaching all children everywhere how to read?

Why not actually try to live up to those values we profess, for once in our country’s life?

If not now, then when…?
If not you, then who…?


Comics all found at, over the last week or so.
The top image is mine.



  1. I enjoy holidays, but what I DON’T enjoy is the push for them before the time is right (ala B.C. cartoon above) and the gluttony (outside of the food) for gifts. I hate Black Friday. I really do. I don’t understand it, and you couldn’t pay me to participate. I don’t need a deal that bad. We cut back on gift giving a long time ago, and try to spend the time with family.

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