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Science is about fact…

“It doesn’t matter what you believe. Science is about fact. Facts are true.”

Yet scientists cannot demonstrate their truth without resorting to their own specialized knowledge and language, and their own immutable assumptions; their initial ‘givens proved’ generated by scientists long gone.
If I’m to truly understand them, I must know what they know.
I must be educated as they were, and indoctrinated into their school.
I must take it on faith that what has gone before really has been proven.
I must believe in their creed.

How am I thus different from the lowliest believer in a god or gods he cannot see?
I do not understand scientists’ conclusions, because I can’t do the science.
But that’s okay, because they’re perfectly willing to tell me what ‘facts’ I must believe.

Yet they change those facts – seemingly every other day.

“Rejoice, for we’ve found the background ripples of the Big Bang. Oh, hang on… no we haven’t.”
“Hormone replacement therapy is perfectly safe for you, but fatty foods and gluten are very bad. No, wait… reverse that.”
“We know the universe is some 13.8 billion years old. Yeah, but this star over here is coming in at 14.8 billion years old.”

And then the justifications fly, like just so many Sunday School lessons…

And the scientist who reveres a certain field of expertise, but has come to different conclusions from the majority, based upon his/her reading of the evidence, is labeled as deluded; a heretic and a blasphemer – an unbeliever.

Haven’t we played that game before?

To those scientists who would have us take their pronouncements on ‘faith’, I say this to you: you’re worse than any religion, because you can’t make up your mind what to believe.
You wave a flag of uncertainty, and claim it’s this constant change that is its great strength.
That its lack of a firm foundation is the bedrock upon which all must rest.
According to you, we mustn’t have any immutable facts, though you chant the word ‘fact’ like a mantra.
We must worship your facts, though you’ve none to give us.

EJ Liederstein



  1. What a gorgeous photo!

    Science, with a capital “S” has indeed become a religion for some. People think they are particularly intelligent if they back up their beliefs with “science has shown…”


    • “Studies show…” has led to more damage being done against humanity than any other phrase I can think of…
      Except for “the customer is always right”.
      Or “this will go on your permanent record”.
      Or insert your own personal bugaboo here _________________ .

      Liked by 1 person

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