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The ‘New’ Theocracy…

Science has become the ‘new theocracy’.
Scientists are those about whom we now dare not doubt; for to do so invites universal condemnation. To question the Holy Science is to bring derision down upon you.
They cannot damn you to Hell for doing so… yet. But they’re an imaginative species – and as their rational footing becomes ever less sure, the creativity with which they conjure ever more bizarre universes becomes increasingly impressive.

Can a scientific equivalent for hell be far behind?

Already they seek to silence the speech of those who believe differently.
Under the benevolent guise of ‘science’, and ‘knowledge’, scientists would silence those who spread ‘misinformation’ – those who are “backwards”, or “uneducated”.
Those whom they label as “ignorant”.

Science used to be about verifying theories.
Hypotheses and explanations which couldn’t be tested were dismissed as unworkable, and discarded. But these days, not only are models which can’t be shown to even be possible not thrown out, they’re proudly embraced; as evidence that the one hypothesizing such an absurdity is truly at the cutting edge of research.

“Come, all ye people, and marvel at my ingenuity. There is no god – listen to me, instead.
For I am the fount of all knowledge. Those who believe differently than I do are lying to you.
But I, and only I, speak the truth.”

And thus have they set themselves upon the throne of perfection.

When will you understand what it means… that the ones telling you that scientists alone are the purveyors of truth, are the scientists themselves?

EJ Liederstein


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  1. I do find it strange that some unprovable theories are accepted as facts while others are discredited depending on the scientists point of view.

    I love true science, the exploration of the yet unknown. But that gobbly-gook some people pass off as “science” (often designed to pad someone’s pocketbook) leaves me disgusted.


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