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Look… KITTENS!!!

Okay, so I’ve been quite bummed for some time now.
Ever since WordPress changed the way their posts, er… um, post.

Back around the end of April, or so.

See, I love it when you hover over a link, and additional, witty bits of text pop up.
Kinda like the cartoons over at XKCD.

Read it quick, ’cause it ain’t gonna be long until it disappears into the ether from which it sprangeth… or “de-pops”, as I like to refer to it…

You know what it is I’m talking about, don’t you?
Let your cursor hover over a link, or an image (don’t move it once you’re there, or you’ll have to start over) and then wait to see if anything appears…
Kinda like this:

Surprised kitten

Well, now…

That was quite the struggle.
Humo-john-a-gus web searches, forums divings (not to be confused with dumpster divings (though to be honest, they can both smell the same, on occasion…)) and a bit of luck later, I managed to get the result I was looking for.
It might seem as if I’m dashing this off, but there was quite the intermission in the writing, there.

You know, there used to be a little icon in the toolbar.
All you had to do was click it and add your text.
First, they took away the button’s functionality.
Then they took away the button.

Now, I have to be fluent (okay, so not necessarily fluent, as much as at least slightly conversant) with HTML; which, as far as I can tell, stands for Homicidal Tomatoes Mangle Lasagna…

And now, a mere two paragraphs later, I’m not even sure what I just did.
So we’ll try it again…
Perhaps here:


That worked, as well.
Though I will admit to cheating a bit, and referencing what I did for the 1st Picture.

But I also went back and added in some hover text on the 1st link in this post, and I didn’t cheat one bit.
I guess it’s all a matter of repetition.

I miss that little button!


First kitten image found here.
Second kitten image found here.
Third image found here.



  1. a-DOR-able kitten photos and oh, yes, I did.
    Those popups hurt my eyes. I’ve just now gotten well enough to start browsing other blogs again, I don’t need popup thingies or flashing anything. :p


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