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Freedom of speech…

Do not mistake what I’m saying.
Don’t read into it more than I myself am willing to stand by.
I’m not saying religion is right and science is wrong.
I’m not saying science is right and religion is wrong.
I’m not saying that your faith, wherever it lies, has been mistakenly placed on the wrong side.
What I am saying is that we’re trading one set of oppressors for another.

There was a time when the church, be it Christian or Khmer, Aztec or Arab – all organized religion everywhere – was a favored mechanism by which the unscrupulous seized and maintained power.
And science had to contend with ‘official doctrine’ whenever it came to new understandings.
What science there was thrived, if at all, under the umbrella of the church’s patronage.

But the tables have turned. Now there’s competition for that ‘ultimate authority’.
The scientists have decided they no longer wish to serve under anyone’s yoke.
They’ve become supremely confident in their abilities, and would destroy all which they feel has been holding them back.

‘Science’ now also lays claim to the crown of infallibility.
It’s the scientist who nowadays takes the freedoms of any given society, and uses those freedoms to deny the exact same liberties to anyone who has the temerity to believe something other than what the scientist would have them believe… or ‘official doctrine’, if you will…

Todays’ “experts” would seize the bully pulpit, and rail against those who might, in accordance with any actual or perceived fairness of a given society, demand equal time to espouse a contrary view.

I do not here make the case for those who would speak, were they to be so allowed.
I do not side with them, any more than I side with the tyrants, past or present.

But if you claim to be a democracy – America – if you believe in the rights upon which you say your nation was founded, then you must allow others to have their say, no matter how much your blood boils at their ideas.

Why should it be acceptable that their speech is silenced, but not yours?
To the extent you would deny them an opportunity to rebut your speech – to that extent – are you no believer in Democracy.

Science has become a new organized ‘religion’, whose worshipers unquestioningly accept the official doctrine, no matter its source or discipline.
Science is actively engaged in the seizing of power, and maintaining it at all costs – even if it means destroying the very foundations of the freedoms it claims to cherish.

Now, you may argue that we’re currently living in a golden age of innovation.
That the beneficial fruits of science are all around us, on a minute by minute basis.
That we wouldn’t have the marvels we enjoy, the health or the wealth, without science.

But what does that prove?
Nothing at all…

Remember your history, people.
Even the most benevolent of tyrants from the past used the latest technology to map out and build roads – down the length of which they sent their armies of oppression.

EJ Liederstein



    • Yo no sé si el dogma, por definición, tiene que ser opresivo. Simplemente parece que el dogma, una vez que el hombre ha llegado a sus manos en él, siempre parece terminar de esa manera.
      Gracias por leer.


  1. Hear, hear!
    A key word, for me, is BELIEF.
    To believe is not necessarily to know.
    Religions tell us much about mysterious things we can’t know.
    Some of us believe them, some don’t.
    Science also tells us things, these days, that we ourselves, by our own experience, do not know.
    We believe them, or we don’t. (Today, most people believe them…such is their power, as you have pointed out).
    AUTHORITY is key. Many of us would rather rely on authority than trust our own
    experience, even when our gut knowledge tells us authority may not be true.
    So we rely on “authorities”, be they priests or scientific experts.
    We do not know. We believe. Or we don’t believe.

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    • “Religions tell us much about mysterious things we can’t know.”

      So, too, with science.
      I can’t know what they mean by a Cephid Variable star… nor can I do the math to figure out how far away it is.
      Forgive me, Edwin Hubble, for I have sinned…

      Belief, authority, faith…
      I got those out the wazoo!
      And I’m almost always left holding the bag after the source of that authority turns out to have been wrong, and so very human, after all.

      And so I find myself reaching that ripe old age where I don’t much believe anyone, any more.
      At least, not without an insanely large dollop of cynical skepticism, on the order of a medium-sized galaxy.

      Yes, it is a rather disheartening way to view the world.
      But I’ve managed to partition that negativity into its own little compartment.
      I will look to the stars, and find the beauty, the awe and the wonder I always have.
      I will go diving, and marvel at the fecundity of this small planet we call home.
      And I will tend not to listen to anyone who tells me the why of things.
      For the very simple reason that I’m not at all convinced that they have any clue what they’re talking about.

      As for religion, as long as one child is hungry, and they could have done something about it, to that extent will I disbelieve.
      As to science, as long as one red farthing is to made off of the results of the current experiment du jour, to that extent will I disbelieve.

      What do I believe?
      I kinda think that’s rather obvious, to anyone who has ears to hear…

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