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Roosevelt…? Really…?

It’s this way.

Every morning, I get an email from the NY Times in my inbox.
Each ‘category’ of news has what the Times considers to be the top three stories of the day.
Digital subscriptions being what they are, it works out well for me; because I am frequently away from home, for one reason or another.
Plus, I’m not wasting paper/trees/air/space…

Needless to say, there are categories I didn’t sign up for.
Like fashion – or ‘style’, if you prefer…
I, myself, do not care for fashion (excuse me… STYLE…)
Nor do I receive updates about real estate or food.


Still, today’s email was a whopper, even by my standards.
It seems like I could probably spend all day just getting through the top three stories.
Never mind those bottom-feeder items I’m usually drawn to…

‘Cause that’s the way I roll, see.
That’s my preferred style

What’s going on in the world, according to the Times?

Well, the founder of the North Face brand of clothing dies in…
… wait for it…

Pause for rim shot.

rim shot

Speaking of gallows humor, a guest editorial writer wonders if Donald Trump really meant to ban all muslin from America…

Good point!
Obviously, looking at the issue through any respectably fashionable spectacles (see what I did there…?) , there’s really nothing you can do with muslin.
It’s coarse.
And itchy and scratchy… and Bart and Lisa…
Let’s ban this un-American fabric.

What else…?
Well, pollution in China is making the top tier… and a threat to China’s water supply.

Bill Gates wants to start tackling climate change.
Can Windows C2O be far behind?

Syrian refuges are due to arrive soon in…
… wait for it…




Pause for political outrage, posturing, hatred and gun-fire.




What else…?
Speaking of Donald Trump, a leading Republican presidential contender…
Who’s mostly known for tanking numerous real estate investments around the world.
And is also known for plastering his name on everything in sight, the Apprentice, and spewing unthinkable amounts of hatred around the globe.
It seems the Rug is citing Franklin Roosevelt as a precedent for his latest outrage – that of detaining all Muslims in the United States of Abhorrence.


I guess where hatred is concerned, there really can be such a think as bipartisan support.
Doesn’t the Rug know Roosevelt was a Democrat?
Social Security, the welfare state, big government spending, and all that?

Let’s see…
That’s Mexicans, and Muslims, and the poor and Democrats and other Republicans, and…

Is there anyone this guy does like…?

Honest to God, if I had the Rug strapped to a chair right now, and a razor, I swear I would…

the rug 01

Well, just you never mind about that, right now…

Let’s just say it’s a matter of style!


Images found here.
And here.
And here.
And here.

And here.




  1. My own sense of style tells me to suspect that isn’t exactly a rug, but a very strange and creative comb-over…..

    I’ve always heard that F.D. Roosevelt put the Japanese in concentration camps in this country during WWII…

    Especially enjoyed the “pauses” in this piece! 🙂


    • * Pause to bask in the glow of another’s acceptance *

      I know that he just combs it over.
      Doesn’t mean I can’t call him the Rug, though.

      And, yeah, it was Roosevelt…
      I’m just marveling that any Republican would dare cite anything Roosevelt did as a ‘precedent’…

      Liked by 1 person

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