An Appreciation
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Happy Birthday…

Very, very busy over the last week.

And sick…
Dog sick.

But I couldn’t let this one go by.
Giacomo Puccini was born on this date in 1858.
Happy birthday, to a man who really knew how to write a tune.



Image found here.



    • I will take this moment to try and tell you what you mean to one reader; and quite probably to so many more.

      You’re words are like rays of sanity in a mad world; a bit of sunshine in an otherwise dark and gloomy landscape.
      I, for one, am always happy to see a post of yours, and force myself to read it.
      Especially on those days when I am not at all in the mood for poetry.

      Yes, I have those days; more frequently than I would care to admit.
      But your words have forced a covenant upon me.
      One I did not look for, nor necessarily want.

      There are so many blogs out there, and I seldom have the time or inclination to read everything they post.
      Skimming becomes the order of the day, if not an active decision to simply skip; especially as the days grow long, and full of toil.

      But there are blogs I’ve found, for which I will not shirk my duty as a follower and a fan.
      I will stop, and force myself to ‘do my duty.’
      I’ve never been anything but rewarded for my efforts.
      Yours is one such blog – a word which seems so terribly ugly, for the beauty contained within.

      It’s a burden I gladly accept.
      For your writing ‘speaks’ to me, in a way I can only admire, and I anxiously await each iteration.
      Never, ever doubt that you have touched someone’s life along your journey, my friend.
      One whose life you have touched merely wishes that you know about it.

      The very best to you and yours.
      Now, and always.

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