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We’re getting there…

I, myself, am not yet fully engaged within the realm of tangential, three-dimensional space… what with the seriously wrenching amount of yuck I’ve been suffering with…

Not in any meaningful, fluid dynamic sense of the word.

(Don’t ask me what that means…
I only write ’em. I don’t necessarily understand ’em.)

But I’m kinda half-vertical.
Which is so much better than ‘not even remotely vertical.’

I wish you and yours all the joy you could possibly live with.
Not just in this time of celebration in my own corner of the world, but for every day of your life.

That’s the best I can do right now, without my simply exploding all over the place is a sweeping gusher of sickly sweet cherubic bon mots…
My keyboard would revolt, at any attempt at a more meaningful expression of emotion.


Yeah, and don’t get used to a kinder, gentler, cranky ol’ Uncle Theory…
Getting over being sick makes optimists of us all.


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