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Music… still…

Why, you may ask, do I harp on and on about the subject of Music…

The answer is simple.
(And because the answer is so deceptively simple, I suspect the answer just might true.)

I constantly return to the subject of Music, because after a life filled with personal selfishness, greed, pain and violence against my fellow man, Music yet deigns to speak to me… in a manner unmatched by any other phenomenon.

How can I not speak of that which has been so kind to me?

EJ Liederstein


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  1. Great topic. I’m just a banjo player, but anytime I make a sound on those strings it’s the sound on those strings that always surprises the hell out of me and makes me keep making more notes. Kurt Vonnegut once said the existence of music is the ultimate proof there is a God. BTW Thanks for your frequent visits of ahintoflight.com

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