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Why did I even bother waking up…?

Oy vey…!
It’s been such a week.
Normal day-long work, followed by overnight work, for the bulk of the time.

I’m a bit spent, as it were…
A bit glassy-eyed.
A bit out of it.

Where are we?

I’ve been almost completely out of touch, what with the gainful employment and the lack of sleep contributing to a mostly “survive at all costs” mode of existence.
No radio, no TV, and no internet news are thus allowed to penetrate my “Zone of Caring”.
I descend into a fog, in which only the loudest, most immediate and insistent items get through… Because there simply isn’t any time or energy to think about anything else.

But from what I can recall, there’ve been a few developments around the country.

Our President has, apparently, come forward with some executive actions he’s planning to take, concerning guns… after consultations with the Attorney General, of course.
Good idea, there.
Because we all remember how profitable, and legal, consultations with the Department of Justice were, back when we were trying to justify invading Iraq.

Now, don’t ask me what those Presidential actions are.
That part of the equation never penetrated the fog.

I always find it interesting when work imposes this “buffer zone” around me from time to time. Because I then get a very real-world, real-time feeling for what goes on around this country, via the media.
It’s extremely interesting to see what’s being shouted at the top of said media’s lungs, as it were.

I get the general feeling that Obama has decided to take some sort of action.
I get the general feeling that the political ‘right’ is all up in arms about all of this.
I get the general feeling that I should probably have strong feelings about it all.

But I have no impressions about what those proposed actions actually are.
Apparently, that’s not important.
I’m to just settle back, and let the media do all my thinking for me, and then react when they tell me it’s okay to do so.
All while, I suppose, patting them on the back for a job well done.

And I have no sense about the political ‘left’s’ reaction to those proposals.
I guess having both sides of the debate covered (… there are just the two sides in this debate, yes…?) isn’t important, either.

I reckon I got me some catching up to do…

In other news…


We’ve got some armed crazies occupying a wildlife refuge in Oregon.
Demanding the government return the land to the people they stole it from.

Of course, the original justification for the take-over was to protest some guys convicted of arson… convicted, mind you!… being sent back to jail, because the sentences they’d been given were incorrect.
Ranchers, convicted of arson, being held accountable for their actions.
If you can believe such a thing.

Yeah, well…
Now it’s all about governmental overreach, and taking back what’s ours.

No word yet on when the Native Americans will be moving back in.

I’m hoping the government isn’t expecting to get their security deposit back.
I’m assuming the land will need a good sweeping out… at least!

Oh… wait…
You’re not talking about returning it to the original, original inhabitants…
You just want the government to give all their stuff (land, grazing rights, water, guns, the entire Elvis catalog and a Victoria’s Secret gift card) to you folk… who believe in truth, justice and the American way… but only when it suits you.

Some people’s kids!
Ah… right…
They’re the kids of some guy named Bundy.
No… not Al Bundy… the other Bundy.
Yeah… THAT one.

Sort of explains a lot, doesn’t it?

What else did I miss?


Yeah, right…
Then there’s that guy…


I’m going back to bed!



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  1. Interesting read, thanks for the article! These ranchers burned evasive dangerous species on that land that they already HAD grazing rights on. They were proctecting the environment and their livestock, exactly what the feds ARE supposed to do on their land, but refused. So these people did what was right, in order to save the surrounding area and species. Oh and they did serve time, the problem is feds forcing people back to jail for crimes they already did the time for. For some reason standing up to the government, if you are white its cause your a redneck conspiracy theorist, or black its because of the systemic failures or family problems, if your middle eastern you are a terrorist. Its weird the only constant here continues to be a federal government directly defying their people/bosses wishes, abroad as well as here at home.


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