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Issue, shmissue…

At least Clinton had some…
Bad morality is still, by definition, morality…

The Rug, on the other hand, will say anything!
Nothing is off limits.
Including, it seems, repeatedly reminding everyone within earshot how incredibly hot he thinks his own daughter is, and how he would date her in a heartbeat…

At least Clinton went out of family…

Therefore, by the communicative property of mathematics, political science and bedazzled denim jackets (undoubtedly designed and worn by loyal Apprentices everywhere), I hereby proclaim the Rug to be beyond morality… or, amoral.

It’s all there… right back where you left it.
In your elementary school.
On the playground.
By the jungle gym.
Or maybe even in church, or the mosque or temple, if you attended…

Everything you need to know about the Rug you already know.
Even if you’ve somehow forgotten what you once knew to the bottoms of your soles.

“Bullies are idiots – panderers to the higher power of themselves – with no socially redeeming value of any sort, and shall be given the sacred Bronx cheer as they are cast out from decent society everywhere.”*

Strong men and women cannot worship a strong man.
They can only despise him; for to worship a strong man is to confess yourself to be a weak one.

And strong men do not set upon the weakest of society as the cause of your ills.
Strong men do not attack those who cannot defend themselves.
It is only the bully, the insecure and, ultimately, the weak man who chooses for his target those who cannot retaliate in any meaningful fashion.

Does any of this ring a bell?

Or have you truly forgotten what it’s like to be the target of those who would torment and destroy you, simply for your crime of not being them?



* Let us turn for todays lesson to our most holy of texts, the Book of Political Expediency, and open said divine exhortations to the passage found in 1st Hesitations, Chapter 3, verse 17



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