An Appreciation
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Happy (belated) Birthday…

“For you know that I myself am a labyrinth, where one easily gets lost.”

“Her godmother, who was a fairy, said, “You would like to go to the ball, is that not so?”

“The less there is of eloquence, the more there is of love.”

“A dream is a wish your heart makes.”

“To wait so long
And want a man refined and strong
Is not at all uncommon.
And yet to wait one hundred years
Without a tear, without a care
Makes for a very rare woman.
So here our tale appears to show
How marriage deferred
Brings joy unheard
Nothing lost after a century or so.
But others love with more ardor
And wed quickly out of passion
Whatever they do
I won’t deplore
Nor shall I preach a lesson.”


It seems that yesterday was the birthday on one Charles Perrault, credited with being the inventor, or at least of laying the foundations, for a brand spanking new literary genre…

The Fairytale.

And he did it over 100 years before those grim tellers of tales, the Brothers Grimm.

Wouldn’t have even known it was his birthday, myself, except for a Google Doodle…

Good old Google… he typed, with tongue firmly planted in his metaphorical keyboard…

If you want to read some of your favorite childhood tales, in all their grisly and gory glory… and don’t say I haven’t warned you about those originals before now…

Because I have!

Then get ahold of Monsieur Perrault’s originals.
And be prepared to lose a bit of your childhood innocence in the process.



Image found here.




  1. I don’t know who invented the fairy tale, but I believe God (if God is to be believed in) invented surrealism. As for who invented God (the God of religion), I go back to Who invented the fairy tale. It’s all very surreal.


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