Absurd, An Appreciation
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What’s wrong with this picture…?

Today we celebrate the birthday of a man whose life was taken from him for standing up for what he believed.

And how do we celebrate the life of a man who was assassinated for trying to ensure that all people were treated the same?

Why, in the time-honored manner that we treat all our great men.
With huge sales at retailers and restaurants.


I think he might have a bit more to say than that…!

I believe he would find a number of things to celebrate.
And well as issues still unresolved…
And a great deal more work that needs to be done.

I’m pretty sure the whole ‘holiday sale’ thing would probably be fairly low on his radar.

At a quick glance, there are over 40 retailers offering discounts – some of them up to 80% – over the course of the weekend.

Including Burger King and Taco Bell.

I’m having a hard time thinking Dr. King would be happy to know his birthday could be celebrated with a “… Free Doritos Locos Taco with any mobile purchase.”

Though I suppose that it is indeed an example of everyone now being treated equally.

Oh, no, no, no…
Not as equals amongst humanity…
Not as people for whom the color of their skin is no longer an issue.
I mean as sources of revenue.

There are times when I weep for this country.


Top image found here.
Second image found here.



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