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From the “WTH” files…

She’s baaaccccckkkkkkk!

Actually, she never left.
It’s just sometimes easier to ignore her than at other times.

Sarah Palin, that ex-beauty pageant contestant, ex-govenor, ex-VP candidate, ex-(perhaps current… I don’t know, and I’ve no interest in finding out… which, technically, makes me just as bad as all those people I poo-poo… I acknowledge this!) – I say, an ex-reality TV star, ex-FOX network darling…

Okay, to be fair, she could still be a darling of FOX, for all I know.
I refuse to subject myself to that network.
Because I have my own self-esteem issues to work on, without having someone else foist their own insecurities on me…

But I digress…

Sarah Palin, that ex-ex-ex-ex….

Let’s face it, the woman can’t hold down a job.

I say, she’s resurfaced…
Kinda like a bit of flotsam that was thrown into the ocean (bad human, for throwing away unwanted items into our oceans… bad… BAD!), and which item continues to wash up onto the beach. No matter how many times we throw it back out to sea.

She’s come back to endorse The Rug for President.
With a rambling diatribe that makes Lewis Carrol look like the #1 evangelist for the OED…
Making up words.
Mixing her metaphors.


But then, she’s always been more about getting herself in front of the cameras, than about having anything intelligent to say once she gets there.

Do you remember what she did two years ago… to the day?

I say, the Vapid One went on the book of the Face, two years ago, and posted the following…
(I’m sure it must have seemed like a good idea for getting her face (sic) in front of the media, at the time…)


Holy crap!!!

Words fail me…

In honor of the man who gave his life trying to end racism, Ms. Tedious USA would have had the President stop trying to end racism!

Let’s not even get into her thinking anything she could say would ‘honor’ Dr. King.
That’s like saying the dirt underneath my feet “honors” the stars above, in any way except to acknowledge that without those stars, the dirt wouldn’t be where it is today.

Or something like that…
Like I said, words fail me.

I don’t know what the President thought about Miss Insipid World spouting off like that.

I got an idea…
But I don’t know…!

But in lieu of a more prominent (though much more unlikely) understanding with the President, I’ll offer the Vacuous Avenger a deal.

I’ll stop writing all these little ditties of mine, concerning all those elephants on the right.
Forever and ever.
World without end.

Just as soon as the Yukon Yokel stops playing the idiot card.

Eight years, and counting.

Me…? I’m not even planning on looking at my schedule… must less penciling in a date for my first post extolling the many virtues of The Rug.



Top image found here, from an October 2015 Salon.com piece that’s rather interesting.
Second image found here.
Third image found here.



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  1. Sarah and The Donald: were any two people ever more made for each other?
    Well, maybe Bozo the Clown and P. T. Barnum.
    Am I right? You betcha!


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