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So… how’s your day going…?

A bit of snow around here, though not so much.

NYC got the second highest total, at 28.6″ in Central Park, since the late 1800’s.
Parts of West by-God Virginny got 40″.

That’s a whole heapin’ mess of the white stuff.
For this side of the country, anyway.
I would imagine out west they just scoff at our difficulties.

For those of you in other parts of the world, we got…
Let’s see… multiply inches by 3.141592… carry the six… add in a degree of difficulty…


And you’ll see that parts of this here country got over 100 cm of the cold stuff.
In less than 24 hours… or metrically speaking, parsecs!

When you live in a reasonably populated part of the world, weather can be a big deal.
As if the sufferings of the many outweigh the sufferings of the few…



As if…



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    • Well…
      Somewhere out there, there’s an excruciatingly witty response floating around…
      All to do with being out to sea and having to paddle around with a marbled rye.

      Don’t know what happened to it.
      Perhaps it’ll show up at a later date.

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    • Well, I don’t exactly understand what jelly has to do with it…
      But yes, this time my suffering beats your suffering…
      Just as Re Currant beats Black Currant.

      I wonder… if you have too much currant, can you get pulled out to sea?



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