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There have always been, and will always be those who question what they are told.
It’s a fundamental truth of what it means to be human.

But somehow we never get around to questioning the underlying assumptions behind those core beliefs, that so many of us take for granted.

“I don’t believe what this version of the government says about the economy; because I don’t like this government. I didn’t vote for them.” And thus, no matter the reason for the distaste, ‘this government’ will never have anything to say to them.
Any and everything wrong will be laid at the feet of ‘this government.’

“This government has led us astray. We must get the economy back on track.”
“We need to make our country strong again… just like the good old days.”
“It’s the economy, stupid!”

Okay, then… it’s the economy.
But the fact of the economy continues to elude us.

In the consumption-based system that we live under, and that we continually try to force down the throats of the rest of the world, the only way forward is to ever-expand your market.
Through ‘innovation’ or increased market share, you must grow, or perish.

Thus do we punish those corporations that don’t meet our expectations for continued profits.

And on and on we go, exporting our brand of ‘democracy’ to the world.
And if your brand of democracy doesn’t align with ours… well…
There are plenty more where you came from…

The only constant is the moving of our goods through the haze of misdirection to their stores.
“Give us your money, and we’ll make you free from tyranny.”
“Give us your money, and we’ll give you televisions and games, and all manner of diversions.”
“Give us your money, and we’ll make you happy.”

“But wait… there’s more…”
“Here comes the new, improved Happy® 2.0.”
“Now how much would you pay…?”


And what does it mean to live in a system where we constantly question the current direction we’re engaged upon, but never, ever question the foundational ideas behind the system itself?

Now do you see who’s really in charge?

EJ Liederstein



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  1. oh..oh..oh…do I love that photo! That is where I go, with my questions, to the waters, and especially the mountains. Sometimes the questions find an answer there. What is it? I know it when I “hear” it, but I couldn’t say.

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