An Appreciation
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Happy Birthday…

Well… I mean…
What can I say?

Today we remember the birthday of one of the more supremely talented musicians ever to grace the planet.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on this date in 1756, in Salzburg, Austria.
He died a terribly short 35 years later, having already written over 600 pieces.

There are many biographical inaccuracies in the movie Amadeus, which was responsible for an entire generation of new fans of the composer.
But it’s a movie, based on a play, and never really claimed to be definitive.

One thing the movie did get right, though, was the incredible accuracy of Mozart’s talent.
His manuscripts show little or no erasures, or sections that were reworked.

One piece Mozart wrote on commission was rejected because a movement didn’t suit the patron.
Mozart wrote a different movement for the patron, but the underlying structure remained exactly as it had been in the first version.
Because only that structure would make the piece whole.

The sheer audacity of his gift is staggering.

Don’t get me wrong.
I don’t think Mozart was at all like the character portrayed so admirably by Tom Hulce in the movie.
I’m talking about its size – the unbelievable scope of his talent.
It has a breadth perhaps only excelled by JS Bach.

Would that such a talent might visit us once more…



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