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What about you…?


Do you every have days where it all just seems too easy…?

Me neither…

Now, if we’re talking the hiker…

That’s a whole ‘nother story…



Image found here.




        • You have my sympathies…
          On a lighter note, the comedian Maria Bamford has a hilarious bit she did for an album recording in Portland, where she says she could be like ‘you’, meaning Portlanders.
          “I could grow my hair into a cape…”
          And it goes on. Very funny.
          The bit is called “Right and Wrong”.
          Highly recommended.


          • The irony of Portland is that only a section of the population lives up to (or down to) Portlandia standards, the rest of us just suffer by association. It’s rather like assuming all Texans are gun-toting, science-hating, Republicants.

            That might be a bad example.

            Okay, it’s like saying all Americans are fat, dumb, and conservatively religious as a backwoods bible salesman. Which isn’t fair. Some of us are just fat.


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