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Eminently Unquotable Thoughts on Quotes…

I received the following quotes in my email, over the course of the last week, and thought (hah!) I’d share them with you.

“There are haunters of the silence, ghosts that hold the heart and brain.”
Madison Julius Cawein

“Parsifal – the kind of opera that starts at six o’clock and after it has been going three hours, you look at your watch and it says 6:20”
David Randolph

“A structure becomes architectural, and not sculptural, when its elements no longer have their justification in nature.”
Guillaume Apollinaire

“It is poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.”
Mother Teresa of Calcutta

“Coffee should be black as Hell, strong as death, and sweet as love.”
Turkish Proverb


I don’t know about you, but it seems I choose quotes that agree with already held beliefs, or that express something better than I could, at any given moment.
Quotes that resonate, because of the poetry of the presentation, or the profundity of the viewpoint.

Which really is not the way to go about choosing those tasty little tidbits – now that I think just a bit further on the issue.

Quotes (I think – perhaps for the first time; perhaps for the hundredth…) should be chosen more for their ability to give insight into the thinking of another human.
Quotes are the thoughts of another being, who felt so passionately about something they simply had to write it down.
I would prefer to choose my quotes not because I merely happen to agree with them on everything – as if that could happen with anyone – but because it sheds a particularly lovely light upon something that concerned that particular individual.

(I am here rather charitably assuming (in my admittedly rather cynical, robust style) on the sincerity of the original opiner – which, cynically speaking, rather leaves out most politicians from the annuls of history. Caveat Lector!)

You may not happen to agree with any one given quote.
That is, of course, your birthright, as a herd member of that peculiar animal known as the human.
But I contend that to shed any light is to shed something precious and lovely.

Perhaps that’s just the cold medication talking, though…


As for me, I think I shall, once again, consciously try to see quotes from this point onward as a door…
Or perhaps more accurately, as a window into the mind and the soul of another human being.
A human who, more than likely, I will never have any other way of getting to know.

I know I’ve written about this before.
But sometimes I need to be reminded of things – or more accurately, to remind myself of my own better intentions.
Sometimes the hubris does tend to overwhelm one so.

And so I again resolve to try and resist the current fashion of the times, which seems to be using the words of another as a cudgel, or bludgeon, with which to beat them about the head and shoulders until they submit to my own governance and mastery…
My own system of judgement.

Do you not find this to be all the rage these days?
Do you not see others excoriating their foes for every trivial utterance they’ve ever made… all the while spewing the most heinous dishonesties with a seemingly impenetrable armor* of their own design?

Then you, my dear and gentile reader, are much further removed from the madness of society than even I am.



* I had almost written ‘impenetrable amour’… which would also have been quite appropriate, but somewhat different.




  1. Great series of quotes (and photo). I do have agree with “Coffee should be black as Hell, strong as death, and sweet as love.” ~ Turkish Proverb. Nothing better 🙂


  2. Opining…opining…there’s way too much opining going on these days….and everyone’s taking a poll, to solicit more unnecessary opining…..but that’s just my opinion. Tweet.


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