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Telling it like it is…

It’s true, you know…
The story can be found here:


Reading the story, we find the Drumpf’s hired a lawyer who used to be a top aide to Joe McCarthy.
Yeah… that McCarthy…


We also see that Trump claims that “… in the end the government couldn’t prove its case, and we ended up making a minor settlement without admitting any guilt.”

Why settle, if the government couldn’t prove anything?
What are you settling?
A rumor? The pot after an all-night poker game?
A distressingly large duck dinner on a lazy Sunday afternoon?
Why make a “minor settlement” if you’ve done nothing wrong?
Are you listening to the words coming out of your mouth?

Even then, the Rug was the master of his own delusional reality.
And now he has trouble knowing who David Duke is, and disavowing him.

Same old game, decades later.

All of this from the man who would be King.
A man who either has no memory for the truth of the matter, or has no interest in the truth of the matter, except for what it can do for him today

You think the rest of the planet hates us now…?
Wait’ll you see what happens if the next President has really bad comb-over…

It just occurs to me… just this very moment.
The comb-over is symptomatic and emblematic of everything the Rug is, and stands for.


He just rearranges the truth to his own (albeit questionable) taste, and thinks no one will be able to tell the difference.

I wonder if he can tell the difference anymore.

The difference between being man enough to go out and buy a lifetime supply of Rogaine, like every other deluded male on the planet who thinks that if his hair is good, then he’s good – and being man enough to say “… this is what I’ve been given as my lot in life. Let’s accept it, and move on to the things that actually matter.”

It would seem that in the Rug’s case, truth is not stranger than fiction… although they are frequently the same thing.

As for the comment about the Rug’s father being arrested at a KKK rally, look it up. It’s easy enough to find.
Seems there’s no clear-cut evidence for dear-old-Dad being a klan member, as Dad was released without being charged.

But if the family looks like a duck with a really bad comb-over…
And quacks like a duck with a really bad comb-over…

Time to make the confit…


Someone has secured the rights to the url:


Go ahead and click on that little ol’ link there…

Some people really are too, too clever, it seems…



Top image found here.
Second image found here.



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