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You cannot receive a personalized, custom-fit illumination from, or for, another.
General outlines…? Certainly.
A system by which you may begin to explore the universe…? Absolutely!
But a one-size fits-all suit of armor, that is nonetheless tailored for your comfort?
I have yet to see such an article of clothing…
Or the tailor worth his salt who would claim to be able to fashion such an item.
It’s only by the graces of the light before us all that we’re able to find our way.

You are going to have to work it out for yourself…

The problem is in perhaps needing to go where there’s no readily perceivable light to guide you.
By the very conditions of the scenario, there can be no one before you to show the way.

Then what is the point of all the systems ever created, since time immemorial…?

The best any one individual can do is allow their own light to shine upon the path they travel.
To allow you to see the trail that they, alone, have blazed into the wilderness.

The worst they can do is to shine their light into your eyes – thereby ensuring your dependency upon their way of seeing things.

EJ Liderstein




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