An Appreciation
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And a 1-uh, and a 2-uh…

Hey there, boys and girls…
Do you know what time it is…?

Oh dear God NO!!!
Things like that are why I had to give up a career in the music business.

No, it’s Pie Day… also known as π day, for short.
If you need to ask why, then you’re not paying attention.

It’s things like that forced me to abandon a promising career as a glazier.

No, it’s the day when math nerds around the world get their geek on.
Which usually encompasses, among other things, lots and lots of plaid.
Unless you’re Scottish. And wearing a kilt.

Things like that are what made me give up on parades…
Seriously… you should’ve seen the Halloween Parade in NYC.
Well, as it existed some 30 years ago, or so, anyway.
You’d swear off all parades to!

Then there’s the inevitable cartoons.
Because – let’s face it – if you spend all your time alone in a room drawing short scenarios of questionable artistic and comedic merit… and you’re NOT a geek…



Things like that are why I had to give up talking to inanimate objects.
Like myself, mostly.
I swear, some days it’s all I can do to animate anything.


And I think most, if not all of you already knew this about me.
Otherwise, why do you keep coming back?


No… no, no, no…
… yes…


Yep… I find cartoons like this rather amusing.
And cartoons like these are why I spend each and every π day, of each and every year, by myself.

So terribly alone…



Top image found here.
Second image found here.
Third image found here.
Fourth image found here.
Fifth image found here.




  1. Howdy! thank you for making my morning….funny, happy, nostalgic and not too irrationally on-going… just the right slice of pie. (I never realized how like Mr. Rogers Howdy Doody was!)


    • Exactly like him… except that that the Howdy Doody Show came first.
      And Mr Rogers needs some good ol’ cowboy piping around the edges of that there sweater…

      And maybe some spurs on them house slippers…

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