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Wait a minute…

I’m sorry…
I thought it was illegal to incite people to violence…

I’m sure I read that somewhere.
It’s like… a law, or something…
Isn’t it?


So why isn’t this guy being prosecuted?

That’s right…
Silly me…
Because the rules don’t apply to him.

He get’s to do whatever he wants to do.
Because he’s rich.
It’s all a part of that income divide.
You know… the wealth gap, that doesn’t exist…

It’s the universal Golden Rule.
Those who have the gold get to make the rules.

Enjoy you’re primaries, people.
Be sure to get out there and force all other Americans to your way of thinking.
And don’t forget – use any means necessary to ensure that freedom’s light continues to shine.

Intimidation, bullying, gerrymandering, denial of voter rights, lies…
Plain ol’ self-dellusional thinking…
All these are just more arrows in the quiver, more bullets in the clip.
Praise Reagan we’ve still got our God-given open carry laws to sustain us.

After all… these are the principles that made America great in the first place.
And they’ll do so again!


All the same…
If your name is Julius… or you have an undue fondness for Caesar Salads…
I’d be extra careful out there today…



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Second image found here.




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