An Appreciation
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Happy Birthday, Johann…

It’s that time of the year again.
The time when we start to celebrate the birthdays of a number of noted luminaries in the arts.

I’m sure there are just as many bright lights in areas that aren’t artistically related, who will celebrate life milestones during the coming period. of time…
But the way I figure it, since all the funding for arts education has been slashed so drastically in the USA, I’ll be the curmudgeonly old coot who goes on and on about something that no one else cares about.

It’s a role I’ve been preparing for all my life.
And I am SO up to the task…

For your listening enjoyment, I give all six of Bach’s suites for Solo Cello, performed by some guy named Pau Casals…

Also known, in those parts of the world not quite up on the convention of calling things by their given names, but insisting upon changing it to something “easier” for them to pronounce, because they can’t be bothered to call Italy by the name the Italians refer to it as; which is Italia… or how about those godless heathens who insist that to call that country on the Iberian (and what the hell kind of word is that, anyway…?!?) peninsula by the name Espana just makes their bones ache and it’ has so many syllables I can’t remember all of that stuff why can’t we just call it by a word that’s easy for me who cares what they think the name of their country is…

Where was I…?
Oh, yeah…

Also known as Pablo Casals…





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  1. I lost my longtime friend who was my little pet cat two weeks ago, and suddenly my dog is also at death’s door this week. I will have to “put her down” tomorrow. Bach–and especially played by Casals’ gut wrenching cello—-is a companionable accompaniment to weeping, and a solace, all at the same time.. Thank you.


    • Oh, my dear friend…
      I am so sorry for your losses, and really have no idea what I can do to help.
      But please know that you are in my thoughts, and I’m sure, in the thoughts of so many others.
      If there is ANYTHING that I can do, please please please let me know.

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