An Appreciation
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Happy Birthday Stephen…

As per yesterdays post, more literary and artistic birthdays are to be celebrated today.

On the literary side we have such writers as Billy Collins and Louis L’Amour

On the more personal side, today we also celebrate the birthday of Stephen Sondheim.

Those who have any history with this blog will already know of my esteem and joy in the work of Sondheim. I make no secret of it.

Below we have Sondheim on writing, on the process he goes through when he writes.
In a number of clips, from throughout his career, he expounds on what it is that he does.
And they are remarkably consistent, given the years between their iterations.

Last year, I seem to recall, I rather focused on Sunday in the Park.
I also seem to recall having fixated on that show in other posts.

Very well…
Let it be so.
This post shall be about the show Passion.

You could do worse than to focus on any of his work.

Happy birthday, Stephen…
Long may your music reign.
Long may it hold sway over the hearts and souls of theater lovers everywhere.


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  1. This is a terrific post. I had not heard Sondheim’s thoughts on writing before, and especially enjoyed that. It was so interesting to me to learn how he composes and what he believes to be the likenesses and differences between song lyrics and poems meant to be read. Beginning with a title, or a phrase and its rhythm, is how I do it too …..I found myself saying yes…yes…..yes!


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