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And again…
And again…

And again…

This is why I’m not a pacifist…
Because there are those who will never play nice with others.
Not only take will they take their ball and go home, but they’ll puncture yours, as well…
And make sure you have no home to go to.

So the world is once more held hostage, by those who would force their will upon everyone.
Or burn that world, so that no one can live as they might choose.

How many ways do I have to say it?

I am not a hawk… politically speaking.
I do not believe in spreading American ideals to other nations.
I don’t give a damn about “American interests” overseas.

But there comes a time when someone says to you… “live the way I tell you to, or die!”
And then goes ahead and backs up their rhetoric.
How long will we allow them to go on killing any and everyone who is different?


Does no one but me hear the echoes of all of this in the current Republican campaign for the American Presidency?
Am I the only one to see essentially no difference between ISIS and Trump…?
Except for maybe the hair…

There comes a time when you have to stand up to them.

So maybe that’s what ISIS wants… for us to make war with them.
Maybe they want an “us against the world” scenario.
Maybe they want to ignite the Arabic world in a Jihad against the infidels.

Either they’ll win, and the world will live under Shariah law… (or the interpretation of Shariah law that happens to please whomever is currently in power…).
Or they’ll become martyrs for the cause… and go to their heavenly reward.
Which includes, if I’m not mistaken, something like 72 or 76 virgins…

Given the systematic program of rape they’ve instituted, one wonders why they would want to go anywhere… as seen here, here and here… among other places.

I find the religious posturing to be disingenuous, at best.
Forcing those who disagree with you to live under your rules isn’t about religion.
It’s about power.
Plain and simple.
It’s about having the power in your hands.

I am willing to bet that were the nations of Iraq and Syria to suddenly cease all hostilities, turn to Shariah law and live in peace, ISIS would not just simply disappear.

Isis will never stop.
Not until they are the ones in power.
Or destroyed.

Does no one see a similar pattern here… in the good ol’ US of A…?
With all the talk of “Make America Great Again”, and “family values.” And any number of other trite catch-phrases that we’re always spouting and spitting at others, but never can seem to find the time to actually sit down and settle on just what it is we’re actually talking about…
How does that cup of tea taste now?

We may not be around long enough to feel the effects of global warming.
The polar ice caps might not get the chance to melt.

But fighting to preserve your world is not the same thing as blowing it up to keep others from getting their hands on it…



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