Month: April 2016

2B, or not 2B…?

This is an image of Shakespeare done by William Blake   Did you ever have one of those occasions when you needed to write something down, but didn’t have anything to write on, or with? For those of you who aren’t as, perhaps… well… chronologically enhanced as moi, this would be in the days before the universally ubiquitous smart phone. I used to always carry around a pen in those days. My theory/excuse/explanation was that you never knew when you were going to come across a rogue crossword puzzle that needed to be solved.

Happy Earth Day…

  … if that is indeed the right concept to go with here. Earth Day was created to celebrate our home, and to focus attention on the need to try and conserve our precious natural resources. Kind of a tough sell, to a society predicated upon a never-ending consumerism. Somewhere, someone’s dichotomy is showing…   Image found here.    

Good day, Mr. French…

Today is the day on which we remember the birth of a rather singular artist. Daniel Chester French was born Exeter, New Hampshire on this date 166 years ago. A sculptor, he received his first commission at the age of 23. But perhaps (perhaps!) he is best known for the work below… The figure of a seated Lincoln at his memorial in Washington D.C. has inspired generations of Americans, as well as peoples around the world. Your truly is included in those rather broad generalizations. Mr. French was rather prolific. If you look, you might find yourself closer to one of his works than you had known. Happy birthday, Mr. French … and thank you!     Top image found here. Second image found here.