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What is the cost of being a good person, in a society which pays a tepid lip service to “good”?
A society which may even consider itself “good” in its own eyes; but is in fact deeply corrupted?
What does it cost someone to try and live to a higher standard?

Who am I to judge?
Who’s to say what lies in the heart of another person?
How do I know what their true motivation is?

In the words of an oft-criticized tradition, you know by the fruit of their actions.
A country which claims the moral high ground while suppressing and killing its own citizens must be judged by those actions, and not any trumpeted pronouncements of ‘greatness’.

There are no ‘extenuating circumstances’ to be taken into account.
You can talk about morals all you want.
But if your actions reveal a deeply narcissistic and amoral outlook, then all your speeches and posturing for the public eye are but lies.

Why are the people afflicted with this strange disease not in jail themselves?
Why aren’t they sentenced to the same judgement as other pathological liars of lesser means?
And why do we allow them to so corrupt our language?

Why do I expect anything different from them?, you may ask.
Why are you not demanding more of them?, I would counter.

“All men are created equal.”
That is a part of how an American great text reads.
There are no words of differentiation, no adjectives in that statement.
It doesn’t say ‘all white men’; or ‘all wealthy men’.
The fact that it does not even mention ‘women’ is one of its great shames.

Yet if you truly believe what this document says, then prove it.
Treat everyone with an equal courtesy and respect.
Give everyone an equal opportunity to thrive within your society.

If you don’t believe it, then let’s not have any more nonsense about ‘family values’ and ‘America the used-to-be-and-will-be-again Great.’
Your usage of our language in that manner is really becoming quite intolerable.

If you claim to believe in equality for all while sending your drones off to kill people without warning, then in fact you do not believe in the concept of a universal justice.
You only believe in justice for yourself.

Now do you understand why the rest of the world hates us?

But be careful what you wish for; what you preach to the world, about what you believe.
Justice might not be the kindly, benevolent and pro-American overlord you’d always assumed it was.

EJ Liederstein



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