An Appreciation
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Happy Birthday, Leo…

Today is the day we remember the birthday of Leonardo Da Vinci.
Much like an earlier celebration for van Gogh, I think I’ll let good ol’ Leo speak for himself.

davinci last supper

davinci portrait




So many things were attempted by Da Vinci, but so few were finished.
It’s everywhere on the net.
Go look for yourself.

Used to be, if you wanted to see his work, you had to travel.
At least to your local library, for a book on the artist.

Nowadays, all you have to do is type a few words.
But it’s not the same as seeing them live.

I once had the very good fortune to be in Florence, and saw Michelangelo’s David.
Having seen pictures of it all my life, I still wasn’t prepared for the reality.
The physicality of the piece, I’m convinced, will never be sufficiently capture by a photo.

You need to see it in person.
You need to see all of them in person.



Top image found here.
Second image found here.
Third image found here.
Fourth image found here.
Fifth image found here.
Sixth image found here.




  1. The TRUE Renaissance Man! I agree about seeing things in actuality but it is so difficult now. When I went to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa, I had to pass through guards, inspection stations, and finally stand well back from it because of the crowd of tourists all craning necks to see the painting….Real? Virtual? “The world is too much with us…”

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