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The art of Music is one of intimacy.
Nothing more… nothing less…
It is two or more people agreeing to bare their souls… to go where the Music would have them go, regardless of the space they might be individually inhabiting at the moment.

Music is the willingness to open yourself to the vagaries of the unknown.
It’s the exploration of humanity, by those who are willing to do their searching publicly.
It’s the reaching into and touching of a place where only the rare few ever find their way.

It is me… allowing you… in.

I can count on one hand the people, including musicians, who’ve personally touched me there.
I do not here include lovers or significant others.
While there has been true and lasting love, for me it’s never come with that type of rapport.

I have not been that fortunate.

Nor have I been fortunate enough for most others to understand how music affects me.
For the overwhelming majority, I’m the eccentric, whose views on this and other subjects are listened to with weary patience, if not total incomprehension.

“Why is he so weird…?”

I am ‘weird’ because the universe has spoken to me… and I have heard it.
I am out of the norm, because Music continues to speak to me… and I listen.

Most do not hear the universe as it speaks.
Most do not hear Music’s entreaties…

“Oh… isn’t that music pretty…?”

It is.
But have you altered your beliefs because of that beauty?
Has your life gone off in a completely unforeseen direction, for the sake of that tune?
Have you sold everything you possess, in exchange for what that song would give to you?

Then you have yet to truly hear it…

And I grew weary of the betrayals…

EJ Liederstein


A partial response to the question of why he no longer performed as a musician…






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