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Not a day to celebrate…

… but definitely one to remember…

Joseph Stalin is considered to have murdered or caused to die approximately 20 million people over his thirty year rule.
Adolf Hitler is considered to have caused some 60 million deaths with his mania during WWII.

Mao Tse-tung is thought by some to have caused the deaths of between 60 and 80 million people, with the understanding that those numbers are considered to be most likely substantially higher in reality.

One historian has set the number for the Great Leap Forward alone as high as 65 million.

A website lists the above man as being purged because his haircut was the wrong style…

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the Cultural Revolution, in which anyone not in favor was ‘purged’…

What an inhuman word to apply to living, breathing people.

Families turned against each other.
Friends turned against each other.

And a country went mad from fear, and for a man at the center of a personality cult.

Yet people can’t seem to remember the horror… or the death.
China’s government has basically ignored this anniversary.

And we in America are doing everything we can to repeat the same mistakes.
Except that instead of ‘capitalist influences’ and ‘bourgeois thinking’, the labels now read ‘Mexicans’ and ‘Muslims’.

And I weep…
For those who died for an uneducated guerrilla fighter.
Or an uneducated son of an alcoholic cobbler.
Or a failed artist…


And I weep for the potential victims of a power-mad businessman who doesn’t seem to understand the difference between his lies and his documented history…
Who doesn’t seem to understand that his words have consequences…
Who doesn’t seem to understand that the world cannot be divided into American/humans, and everyone else…

A man who just doesn’t understand… or doesn’t care…

Do you understand…?
Do you see that when a political candidate incites his followers to violence, with promises of covering their legal costs, or tars an entire group of people as murderers and rapists, or points at another group of people and says we have to keep them out…
Do you not see the parallels?

When will you see them?
When the dead are left to rot in the streets?
When those on the wrong side of some political divide are ‘purged’?

When will we rouse ourselves to action?
Before the madness happens?
Or after it’s too late to stop it?




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  1. An amazing post…the numbers are staggering. In today’s era we seem to be going down the same path: blaming others; looking for easy answers and not valuing others. Thank you for writing and sharing this.


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