Month: June 2016


Happy Birthday…

… to the Yosemite Valley, set aside on this date for “public use, resort and restoration…” by Abraham Lincoln, in 1864. Though it wasn’t until 1872 that competing claims were voided, and Yosemite was declared the nation’s first National Park. Unless you’re Yellowstone National Park, which claims first honors. So, do we go by the date the land was set aside, or do we go with the date someone decided to call it a “national” park… Ultimately the argument is meaningless, pointless and less than important. What is important is that the land was set aside. And that it’s still there, for all to enjoy and be restored by. Go and see it while you still can. There are entirely too many people out there who want to see the land exploited, the benefit of their own personal-type pockets…     All images by Moi.    


Who knew…?

So… Today is the Feast of the Saints John and Paul. Don’t ask me which John, or which Paul is being referred to here. I not know! They never really get around to telling you those things when they mention these facts. It seems like I’m just supposed to know… somehow… It’s also the day that the (alleged) Pied Piper of Hamelin (allegedly) piped 130 children away from the (actual) town to their (alleged) doom.

Midsumer May Pole

Happy Midsummer’s day…

Today is what is known in certain parts of the world as Midsummer’s Day. Or the Feast of St. John, for those of you more culinarily inclined. I wonder what you would serve for this particular feast day…? Certainly not any of the more stereotypical items hanging in the window of a Chinese restaurant. I’m thinking head cheese is right out! Especially if Salomé is in town…