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More sensory impressions… always more.
Take them all in… live in your senses.
Do not suffer through intolerable noise; accept it, parse it… internalize it, that you may recall individual sounds later, when noise is not available to you.

Do you remember the smell of Beignets, from the Café Du Mondé? Do you remember smelling them eighteen months after the fact, as if they were still right in front of you, fresh and piping hot from the oven?

And what sights does that memory ignite?
Do you not see the confections-in-question there before you?
Do you not see the café and the square where it resides in front of you?
With the tables spread under the porch roof, and the lines waiting to get in, like an audience of rabid connoisseurs attending a master recital at the old Athenaeum at Chatauqua?

Can you not still see that caricature of your small self, drawn for you by a talented street artist?

Do you not feel the astonishingly soggy heat of a midday Louisiana sun beating down upon the back of your neck even still?
And why not?
Is it because you weren’t fully living in the moment then, or because you aren’t fully living in the memory now?

Are they not one and the same?


EJ Liederstein
– from a private journal entry, undated.



Image found here.



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