Month: July 2016

A marvelous quote…

“Old Camels carry young Camels skins to the Market.” George Herbert   Herbert was a Welsh poet from the 16th – 17th century, who (apparently) had a problem with hitting his mouth when he ate… What a bib, eh…? But it’s a marvelous quote, by a man who was known for them… I recommend that those of you who don’t know about him go and check him out. You could do worse.     Image found here.    

Iced Tea… and Mozart.

Not much going on in the later stages of July, these days. Historically speaking, anyway. It’s all about this one person leaving on a trip to go way over there. Or that other person visiting a relative way over here… I wonder why there’s so little going on in history at this time of the year… I mean, sure, there’s all kinds of battles to remember. But battles and wars make poor excuses for historic events. How come we never celebrate those days when battles didn’t happen? Oh… Right… Too few examples.