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Nicky don’t lose that number…

I have a thing-a-ma-bobbie daily email, um… thingy… that alerts me to the goings-on which may or may not have happened on all the various dates in history.
And it says that today’s the birthday of somebody named Tesla.

I think my thing-a-ma-bobbie email done lost its… its… that whatchamacallit…
Mind… it’s lost its mind!
I mean, a band can’t have a birthday…
Individual members, perhaps, but not the entire band…

Bands have anniversaries.
Not birthdates.
Bands have reunion tours, and comebacks.
Bands have special edition re-masterings of classic albums, in order to be able to afford to pay for their ongoing rehab stays/hip replacements/special edition Les Paul Strato-Tele-Castor-Oil guitars with the Kung Fu grip…

Okay, for starters, which member of the band would get to blow out the candles on the cake?
And whose name would you use when singing that legal/illegal/legal again happy birthday song?
Me, I’d vote for the bass player, but it’s probably gonna be the ding-dang lead vocalist dude.
As usual…

Front men get to do everything…

So, here’s the closest thing to a “hit” today’s birthday honoree has ever had…
Which wasn’t even their song to begin with.
It’s a remake!

And, quite honestly, I feel their greatest “hit” can’t hold a candle (see what I did there?) to the original  classic from 1971.

Okay, okay…
It’s a small candle.
Birthday cake sized…
But still…

Which said classic still holds the distinction of being the only “popular” song on the radio my mother, a die-hard fan of the classical genre if ever there was one, ever expressed any affection for.

The original “Tommy” by the Who…?
Dark Side of the Moon?

Nada nothing zilch bupkis scorn derision and general harrumphyness…

Five Man Electric Band?
Two thumbs up.
A certifiable “… that one’s not bad…”.

But I insist on maintaining that you can’t have a birthday for a band.


What’s that…?

It’s not the band’s birthday?






… never mind…





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