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Iced Tea… and Mozart.

Not much going on in the later stages of July, these days.
Historically speaking, anyway.

It’s all about this one person leaving on a trip to go way over there.
Or that other person visiting a relative way over here…

I wonder why there’s so little going on in history at this time of the year…
I mean, sure, there’s all kinds of battles to remember.
But battles and wars make poor excuses for historic events.
How come we never celebrate those days when battles didn’t happen?

Too few examples.

My theory is a two-pronged attack on this problem.
A – it’s too danged hot to do anything during the day, so let’s just hang around on the porch and have some iced tea, eh…?
B – we better get to fighting and plowing and fighting and planting and growing and fighting, ’cause soon enough it’s gonna get cold again, and then we’ll need something to do and that’s when we’ll turn to writing poetry and novels and music and stuff…

Not very good theories, when you come right down to it…
But it’s too dang hot to do any really strenuous work on it right now…

Maybe after Halloween…

Meanwhile, on today’s date we remember when Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart entered into his catalogue the completion of the above work – his Symphony No. 40 in g minor, one of his more famous and celebrated works.

I know it was the first work of his that I was made aware of…

So in remembrance of Wolfy, take a large pitcher of iced tea out to the porch and enjoy the performance.
It won’t be that long before porch-sittin’ weather will have gone for another year.




Image found here.




  1. Problem is….I ain’t got no porch. But I listened to the Mozart anyway, and imagined my tumbler of water was a nice cold gin and tonic with a slice of lime.


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